Mike Newsome


Mike got into music when he left the UK country and ended up in New Zealand. This was in 1956 when he was still in primary school.

Here was a great place; big houses, wide streets, more like Skegness than Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. In the driveways were cars and in the houses were lots of appliances; washing machines and white cupboards that were cold inside; and electical machines that could produce music from spinning discs- Wow!

The 1950's were a great time for music: Rock'n Roll, Calypso, Folk music and Trad revivals, which were embraced with gusto. Forward a decade and at University it was cool Jazz. He saw Dave Brubeck live in Christchurch NZ in 1964 and Louis Armstrong on his last world tour in 1966 or 67. At about the same time came the launch of the 'World Record Club', this revelation enabled EMI to milk its back catalogue. For a dollar he got 'Swan Lake' as a 'free' introduction and from there started to enjoy classical music, eventually overtaking the jazz and pop.

Today - Well it's still the 50's and 60's, and things much older for Mike.

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