Mike Lawrence


Mike joined the team at Tarka Radio in 2018, following a move to Devon from Surrey, (“Best move ever!” he says).

Having spent much of his life working in sales although he initially trained as an accountant, Mike returned to the numbers running his own business to give him the space in his life for radio and events.

Mike started regular DJ dates in the 60’s in Pubs and Clubs around London, from Wembley to Wimbledon. He joined St Helier hospital radio soon after.  21 years of broadcasting with them followed during which time he also did a turn as station manager, programme controller and treasurer.

All of this was alongside regular restricted service licence months for various community projects, which lead to Eclipse FM. Mike loved doing the 3 hour shows daily with so much listener input. They broadcast mainly on cable then, the first of its kind and unfortunately ahead of its time. Beyond a dream to work with Dave Cash and have him as programme controller.

Mike says he also spent too long doing private events which culminated in one summer where he did 13 wedding receptions in a row! He adds “It was lovely to be in demand, left them wanting more”.

Mike is a season ticket holder at Wolverhampton Wanderers (we think they are a football team )

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