John Davies


John moved to Devon from Berkshire in November 2017 to be closer to his daughter. He became interested in music after hearing his father on the radio when he decided to “Make his Fortune” and join a Pirate Radio Station in the early 1960`s (his career lasted 4 months!)
After many years of building speakers out of any bits of wood he could find and coupling two old record players together, John and 3 friends decided they should invest in some “proper kit” and in 1972 their mobile Disco was formed. John enjoyed many years of “working the Circuit” but as there was 4 of them, eventually disagreements were inevitable, so he parted company. The only problem was that it was still in his system and the “itch” still needed to be scratched.
So in 1990 with his family growing up he decided that he would start up again but this time on his own with no one to challenge where, when or whether he should accept a booking. John very much  enjoyed this time however in the late 1990`s playing vinyl and CD`s was becoming “old hat” not to mention very heavy work setting up and taking down. It was time to either invest heavily or to call it a day.
Since the “itch” had now been truly scratched, it was not difficult to arrive at this decision and at 3am on 1/1/2000 John played his last vinyl track.
Fast forward to December 2018 John was sat at his PC doing some research and Tarka Radio appeared and although it had nothing to do with anything he was looking for, he decided to take a look. On the front page of the website there is a tab that says, “Join Us”. Thinking that he would not hear back, he sent an e mail expressing an interest. Three days later John was in e mail conversation with us and the rest, as they say, is history.

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