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When you place an advert on this site you will be supporting a worthy North Devon charity. The package is based on a one year period or part thereof by agreement.

We believe you will be pleasantly surprised just how small an investment this would involve.
In addition to the advert on this site, the package includes "on-air programme" sponsorship for a year (or other agreed period), this means that your company name and a one line strapline will be mentioned on-air at the beginning, middle and end of your allocated programme. Sponsorship is limited to one sponsor per programme, so this will be your show so to speak.

We will guarantee you a minimum of 45 weekly programmes per annum.
Example wording would be:
“This programme is produced in association with Green Fingers Garden Centre, Barnstaple, where growing is our business”.
We regret no specific products or offers are permitted.
Interested?  Would like to know more?

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