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Officially opened by The Military Wives

The new Tarka Radio Outside Events Unit was officially launched in April 2012 by the Military Wives
TR Engineers The Tarka Radio engineering team (pic) spent 2000 man hours repairing and converting an old exhibition unit into the new Outside Events Unit
 OEU studio The Outside Events Unit, will be used by us for outside broadcasts and public events but is also now available to hire for your events in and around North Devon.

The unit, which includes an on board studio / sound control room, can be used as the focal point for your event, to provide a stage for entertainment, for public address.


The Tarka Radio Outside Events Unit (OEU) is available to hire for your event. The unit has been specially designed for flexibility in use to suit a range of functions.

The Outside Events Unit - FRONT The Outside Events Unit - SIDE

The unit is 15ft long x 7ft wide in transit which opens out to provide an additional 52 square feet of covered raised stage area. The unit itself comprises a meet and greet area and a studio / sound control room. The unit is powered either by mains electricity (see requirements below) or a generator (which can be supplied at additional cost).

You also have the option to have a Tarka Presenter to host your event with music, or just to provide a local speaker system to perhaps compere your event or make announcements. The uses and opportunities are endless.

Please consider which of the following meets your requirements:

1. Do you require the stage?
2. Do you require the sound system –for background music?
3. Do you require the sound system for local public address? (please be aware we cannot provide PA for an entire site).
4. Do you require stage lighting and or floodlighting for audience area?
5. Use of unit as a show stand / meet and greet facility?
6. Use of unit as a focal point for event to provide local public address, announcements, commentary, music etc?

To check availability of the unit for your event please complete the enquiry form below.

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Date of Event
Start Time
Event Location
Finish Time
Type of Event Eg: Show, School sports day
Type of Venue car park, show field etc
Accessibility to site: Main road, track, field etc
Will we be able to visit the site before making a decision?
Please give a brief description of our role in your event
Do you wish to use our sound system?
Will this be the main source of Sound? To avoid conflict with other source egcommentary
What power supply will be available on site?
Please state distance If mains, this must be within 25meters of our site (earthing regulations)
Do you require us to provide a generator? In the event that a generator is required, we will provide this as a “smoothed power supply” is essential for our equipment
Any known Health & Safety issues we need to be aware of? Risk Assessments are carried out by our staff, but these must comply with the venue’s own risk assessments.
Will Tarka Radio Staff be able to fund raise at the venue? if this is not appropriate then the donation should reflect an element of fund raising
Your event coordinators Name
Contact phone number
Email address
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